Kannad village maid and the zamindar she works for

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He belongs to a high-class family in that village. So, he had to follow some standards in choosing¬†the woman he fools around. His wife too comes from the similar class and hence she would not have any kind of dirty sex with him. But he loves to become dirty while having sex. He wanted to suck and lick a woman’s cunt during the sex. Since he does not want to lose his reputation with his wife, he calls his Kannad village maid to his bedroom.

She too stops cooking in the middle and comes to his bedroom. He offers her too much money and jewels if she let him suck her pussy. But he tells her to shave it before coming to the bedroom. She too does as he says and he starts to lick her shaved pussy. Soon, he sucks it while she sits back and moans aloud.