Naked village bhabhi and her hungry brother-in-law

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She tried many times to seduce her brother in law. But he seems not to catch the green signal. So, she had to try the extreme step of making him understand. She badly needs to have sex with him ever since she saw him naked while bathing secretly. But she had no idea that even he has a hot feeling for her. They never confessed about this to each other. So, she takes off her panty and bra and sleeps on the only bed in the living room. When he looks at his naked village bhabhi, he understands her intentions and takes off his pants.

Then, he comes to her wearing a boxer and pulls up her petticoat to see more than he just saw. He could not believe his luck to see her hot and sexy bhabhi naked. Soon, he starts to lick her sexy pussy and begins to suck her hard. Finally, he inserts his dick into her cunt and starts to fuck her wild.